About Us

The Club

Taichung City Football Club was started in 2021 with the objective of providing football in the local community and focusing on developing and improving Taiwanese football talents.

Our goal is to become one of the top football teams in Taiwan, by establishing a football culture within our local community, whereby the football community can grow and eventually become one of the most prominent sports in Taiwan.

We want our club to be a link between local businesses, organizations and the people living in Taichung, as becoming a central part of the local community is one our major goals. We have many events on and off the field planned for the next couple of years, which will include not only benefiting our local community, but also helping and developing the football environment in Taiwan, to make it become one of the most popular sports on our island.

The Logo

Our club logo is created by using different symbols and colors that represent Taichung city. The red and yellow comes from the Taichung City flag while the white and blue comes from the old symbol for Taichung created in the 1920s.

When creating the logo, we wanted to have a central piece of Taichung representing us as a club and the old train station naturally became our choice. Behind the train station, the number 29 can be seen, which represent the 29 districts of Taichung county.

Our mascot is a White-eared Thrush bird which is the official bird of Taichung. We thought that we want our club to be a presentation of Taichung and teach people outside of Taichung about our city but also for Taichung people who wants to learn more about the city we love and cherish.

If you want to know more about our club, do not hesitate to contact us and you can learn more.