#ABetterTaichung is our vision to give back to the community that our club is a part of. We want to become a role model in the community, and what other sports teams, companies and organizations strives to become. Together we can make a better Taichung, where the people in the community thrives with a lot of opportunities for everybody to take. Our work is mostly centered about events to help different areas in the community, for example, Children’s Day event, Dragon Boat Festival event and an Animal Protection Football Cup. We want to expand our work eventually by cooperation with other football clubs or companies/organizations. If you are interested in one of the events that were mentioned, you can find them in the menu section. Or if you have any questions or ideas that will help our cause, get in touch and we can work together for #ABetterTaichung.

Children's Day


Dragon Boat Festival


Animal Protection Football Cup


Services Offered


Branding is one of the most important components of every company or organization. Effective presentation with various kinds of advertising materials is essential for an event. The installation and positioning of advertising is part of our daily business and we can help other businesses or organizations to do in a professionally fashion. Support If your company or organization require support with assembling, quality control, maintenance or other work on advertising material, we can help you. Even if your area of business has not been mentioned above, or if you are not sure if our range of services meets your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our varied experience gives us the ability to be creative in finding the right solution for nearly any type of company. We would be happy to advise you. 



 We take pride in our efficient project management and transparency; our goal is to have a happy and long-term partnership with our customers and community. From the first contact throughout the completion of a project, we are reliable, organized and safety conscious.


Our communication is one of our most eminent features. We communicate in a solution-oriented manner with being able to fill communication interfaces with promoters, customers or sponsors.
Know How Our staff comes from different types of fields, which means we have a large network with a lot of knowledge. Our experience helps us to deal with problems in timely manner and allows us to work out on-the-spot solutions if something unexpected should arise.
Team Sport Culture Taichung City FC is mainly a football club, which means all the members in our club knows the value of team spirit, responsibility and passion. We are actively promoting this by building up stable, autonomous teams, thinking our team members as family. If you want to know more about our service, or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Taichung City FC also offers video recording service, where we can help your organization or company to create an ad or commercial. We have experience creating and executing commercials and ads, where everything is done with the utmost professionalism from the sketch board to publishing your ad or commercial.

Commercials Grow Your Business

Your Audience Wants Video

People prefer video, every day we watch 1 billion hours of YouTube. By creating a video, the reach of your product or service can reach millions of people by just a click. Most consumers watch videos to learn about a service or product, and if creating a good promotional video, they will also buy your product or service.

Top quality does not have to cost thousands

The word “commercial” will sound expensive for a lot of companies and organizations. We, at Taichung City FC, can offer top-notch ads, for low-price so that you can grow your business. With our experience and low-cost, we are one of the best choices on the market. 

Creating A Stunning Commercial

We have three important key points for creating an ad, these key points is importance to create an impactful and memorable ad that will grow your business.

Compelling Story

Most people might think that the actor/actress is the one creating an successful ad, but if the story of the ad is not compelling or strong, than the actor will not matter. Tell the customer a story that will show them how your product/service will help their needs.

Just Enough To Get The Point Across

It is important that the ad does not stretch the time too much and that the ad is concise and quick. The longer the ad goes, the more people might switch off and ignore the message.

Music That Takes Things Up A Notch

There is a reason why movie soundtracks have their own Oscars category. Sound can make or break the ad. It needs to support the story, not detract the viewers from the action.


Taichung City FC have over 20 years of marketing experience under our wing, which can help your company or organization to reach out to a lot of people by different means of advertising. 

We help companies and organizations by going through our five-step plan.

Market Research

 Through market research, the goal is to identify the company and whom they are targeting. We help the business owner to access this information by conducting thorough research. 


We analyze various sets of data to determine optimal marketing strategies.

Market Segmentation

We help the business to identify their brand image and product/service, establish a price for their product/service and through that identify and create different distribution channels and promotional ideas. A business’ segments should be measurable and different from other market segments. 

Short and Long-Term Goals

 We support our partners to definite their goals and will provide them marketing objectives that will help them accomplish that goal. It is important to map out the business feasible short and long-term goals to create a forecast of expenses, break-even analysis and changes/adjustments that the business may need to make in the future. By setting goals, the business are able to develop a marketing strategy to reach those goals.

Define YOUR Marketing Strategy

 Strategies are the key point to create a successful marketing plan, and we provide this to our clients. How they will position themselves against other businesses, and what target markets are the business best prospects to achieve their goals, we help create a sound marketing strategy. That will be deeply implemented within the company to achieve greatness.