Youth Development



HIKARI Football Club was established in 2019, it is a youth football club in Taichung City. 

The club name “HIKARI” is derived from Japanese, meaning `light’. We hope that every child can become the `light’ on the court, that their development in football can further help them become the “light” of Taiwan.


Our teaching philosophy is in line with traditional education.

Our physical education classes are different, we focus on independent thinking with communication and team spirit, letting children enjoy football.
There is real happiness brought by our education style.

In an atmosphere of consumerism, it is not easy to change from a general instructional education method to an independent thinking one. Our belief is that friends can enjoy football together, learn to play football together, understand football strategy together and be happy together.”

We believe that time will prove everything in children and our teaching philosophy.

Football is great for children, growing in size, strength and personality. It helps them calibrate as their growth accelerates.

Although the entry threshold for football is quite low, football can become a physically and mentally complex sport as skill and strategy needs grow.

Football training helps the following: body coordination, eye-hand coordination, center of gravity shifting, training of small muscles and the development of large muscles

Football is the most popular physical sport in the world, but in the current technologically developed world, many children choose to focus on mobile gaming, gradually losing the ability to interact with people and objects around them. Through playing football, children interact with friends around them and use their bodies to their potential. 

These social and physical improvements even lead to better parent-child relationships.

Training objectives

We base our training on `fun football’. By using weekends to train with players who like football, we develop a passion for the sport.

We gradually introduce more efficient, effective and strategic training methods to improve personal skills and enrich teamwork, establishing a complete echelon, developing football skilss at the grassroots. 

The young players can start to move towards becoming more professional football players.

The team’s training time is concentrated on the weekends and holidays, providing an opportunity for spectators to observe. This also allows players who are afraid that football will impact their schoolwork to still enjoy the sense of accomplishment brought by football training or games without affecting their studies.

In the process of football development, winning games is not the primary goal, but the desire to win is still very important. The team will participate in various competitions and go through training, so that they can better master and use physical skills and cooperation.

The coach will arrange training content according to the level of each player, arranging friendly matches from time to time and various official competitions.

Football players can have fun, improve their skills and steadily move towards a better future.